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The Jakarta Post
Wamena investigation: What the government is not telling us

The Jakarta Post and several journalists from Jayapura-based Jubi and Jakarta-based conducted an investigation in the field in Wamena in Jayawijaya from Oct. 3 to 10 and discovered what the government has failed to reveal.

Community Resource Hub
Normalizing Injustice: The Dangerous Misrepresentations That Define Television’s Scripted Crime Genre

This report presents the results of a landmark research study that examined depictions of the criminal justice system – as well as portrayals of people of color, women and issues of race – in popular American crime TV shows. The study included 26 different scripted series focused on crime from the 2017-2018 season, broadcast on both networks and streaming platforms.

The Internet of Landlords: Digital Platforms and New Mechanisms of Rentier Capitalism

Digital platforms are a nearly ubiquitous form of intermediary and infrastructure in society. By positioning platforms in the geographical political economy/ecology literature, this paper provides a critical analysis of platforms as a dominant form of rentier in contemporary capitalism. 

Journal of Communication
Framing U.S. Coverage of International News: Contrasts in Narratives of the KAL and Iran Air Incidents

By de-emphasizing the agency and the victims and by the choice of the graphics and adjectives, the news stories about the U.S. downing of an Iranian plane called it a technical problem while the Soviet downing of a Korean jet was portrayed as a moral outrage.

We Need a Media System That Serves People’s Needs, Not Corporations’

Our corporate media system prioritizes making money over producing adversarial journalism and covering working-class issues. We should dare to imagine something different: a public media system that privileges democracy over profits.

Cinema Poetica
Manifesto I Sinema, Dua Puluh Tahun Kemudian

Manifesto I Sinema menandai satu periode penting ketika industri film Indonesia berada pada titik terendahnya. Ia juga menandai upaya para pembuat film untuk mengajukan independensi sebagai motor utama untuk mendatangkan perubahan.

The Conversation
Screen time: Conclusions about the effects of digital media are often incomplete, irrelevant or wrong

Increasing screen time has created worries about media’s impacts on democracy, addiction, depression, relationships, learning, health, privacy and much more.

Mass Media Coverage Helps Slow Down Disease Spread in an Epidemic

Mass media coverage about an epidemic can help slow the spread of the disease, according to a new study.

Real Life Magazine
The Personified City

When the intentions and responsibilities of urban administrators are rhetorically displaced onto a machine god, the space for politics disappears.

The Jakarta Post
No link between crimes, sexual orientation: Post-Reynhard anti-LGBT sentiment condemned

The LGBT community and some civil society groups have expressed concerns that the public are linking the crimes to Reynhard's sexual orientation