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The advancement of information and communication technology breaks geographical boundaries. This reality demands a shift in the study of media and communication, to look beyond nation-state context. Afterall, media and communiation is a global and transnational phenomenon.


Remotivi.or.id is an attempt to open a space for dialogue and solidarity with the global community. We are trying to explore, learn, and share cross-national experiences of media and communication.


We are publishing new phenomenon and fresh perspective on media and communication reality. We put forth flexible writings styles; serious and laden with detailed analyses, light and spiced up with humor, all is accepted as far as it’s a substantial and accountable content.


We accept article submission that discuss latest cases of Southeast Asia in particular, but also eager to publish relevant media and communication writings in other part of the world. The discussion can be reviewed through various perspectives; from political-economy, history, discourse analysis, to cultural studies. 


Make sure your article contains clear and specific aspect to discuss, sufficient data to back up the analysis, and efficient use of words. We accept submissions written in Indonesian or English, and no more than 2,000 words long. We did not tolerate plagiarism, violations of copyrights, and discriminative materials.


Every submission should be sent to redaksi@remotivi.or.id, or to our editors' email (firmanimad@gmail.com, or yovantra.arief@gmail.com). You can also discuss the piece you're about to write by filling the form below. We did not provide honorarium for the work published. 


We are looking forward to your contributions!

or Upload your draft file in Ms. Word extension (doc, docx, rtf) Use your original picture (maximum 900kB)