Remotivi is a media studies and monitoring institute based in Indonesia. Its field of work stretches from research, advocacy, and publishing.

Founded in Jakarta, 2010, Remotivi is initiated by independent citizens, in response to over-commercialized post-authoritarian media industry practices at the expense of its public responsibility.

Financially, Remotivi is supported by public funding, research projects, and donor grants. Remotivi have established partnerships with Yayasan Tifa (part of Open Society Foundation), Hivos, and Cipta Media Seluler.

On August 2014, Indonesia’s Independent Journalist Alliance (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen - AJI) bestowed Tasrif Award for Remotivi’s work in advocating freedom of press and freedom of expression.


We believe that the media held an important facet in society; it mediates information relevant for social, political, cultural, and economic practices. The media, as many strongly believe, is the fourth pillar of democracy.

Television broadcasting is the most prominent media utilized by Indonesian public. TV sets is present in almost every building in the country. It has become the primary source of information. But television industry is an industry of domination; it operates by the rule of the dominant power. Television industry constantly marginalize the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of the public.

In addressing this reality, we are guided by a vision of justice and equality--a world in which the public is aware and is defending its right of information and expression; while television broadcasting industry is motivated to preserve public agenda.